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By Air:

The Brussels National Airport is located ca. 1,5 hour from Bruges. It's easy to travel from Brussels National Airport to Bruges by train. The Brussels Airport train station is situated within the airport building (floor -1).

A direct connection is introduced to Bruges that runs every hour (only on weekdays).
You can also take the Brussels Airport Express (4 trains per hour) to Brussels North, Central or South. From those stations, there are three trains every hour to Bruges with final stops in either Ostend or Knokke/Blankenberge.
Please consult the website of the Belgian Railways (NMBS) for information about schedules and fares or to buy a ticket.

Charleroi Brussels South Airport: There are 3 options for travelling between Charleroi (Brussels South) Airport and Bruges:

  • Option 1: by bus
    The bus company Flibco is offering a direct shuttle bus to and from the station of Bruges with a frequency of 9 trips a day (there and back). Using this service, you will travel more comfortably, it's cheaper and often also faster than other transport alternatives (train, combination of train and bus). Booking is mandatory.
  • Option 2: by train
    To travel to Bruges by train you first need to take a train to Charleroi Sud Railway Station. A ticket “billet bulk” can be purchased at the bus stop (door n°2) at the airport. From the Charleroi Sud Railway Station you can take a train to Bruges. Train schedules are available here. Note: the last return train to Charleroi Sud Railway Station departs from Bruges at 23h 22 and arrives at the Charleroi Sud Railway Station at 1h 32. The last return bus from Charleroi Sud Railway Station to the Brussels South Airport departs at 22h40.
  • Option 3: by taxi
    Taxi rides to and from Brussels South Charleroi Airport by Bruges taxi firms, with prior reservation, cost EUR 250 (flat rate). Price adjustments are possible throughout the year. The contact details of the Bruges taxi companies can be found here.

The international Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is located ca. 3 hours from Bruges. The Thalys and InterCity train services depart from the Airport railway station “Schiphol Plaza”. Thalys to Antwerp Central or Brussels-South (Brussel-Zuid or Bruxelles-Midi) and Inter City train to Brussels (Noord/Nord, Centraal/Central and Zuid/Midi), there you can switch to the Belgian trains that run directly to or via Bruges railway station (directions: “Knokke/Blankenberge”, “Oostende” or “Bruges”). From Antwerp Central Station you switch to the Belgian trains that run to or via Bruges railway station (direction “Oostende”, please mind there is once per hour a train to Bruges). For train schedules visit this websites: B-europe and Schiphol.

By high-speed train:

The closest international railway station for high-speed trains is Brussels South (Bruxelles Midi) railway station (arrival of Thalys, TGV, Eurostar, ICE, etc.). Switch to one of the many intercity trains (IC) to or via “Bruges”, (directions “Brugge”, “Knokke/Blankenberge”, “Oostende” all stop in Bruges ).

Regular connections by train to Bruges railway station with a journey time of ca. 1 hour. Train schedules are available here. Note that the last direct train from Bruges’ railway station to the Brussels South (Bruxelles Midi) railway station departs at 23h 22 and arrives at 00h 18.

From the railway station of Bruges, you can take a De Lijn bus (every 3 minutes) or taxi to your accommodation.

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